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Repairing Tablet


-Laptop battery health check

-HDD/SSD health check

-Bad power cable

-Bad internal cable


-Transfer SSD/HDD to external enclosure

-Laptop battery replacement (External)

-Wifi/Bluetooth USB adapter installation/device pairing

-Securely erase SSD/HDD drive (& return to client)

-HDD/SSD replacement (Easy access)

-BIOS battery replacement (Desktop)

-Memory Installation (Easy access)

-Installation/replacement of CD player (with disc tray)

-Software install (Easy ~20 or less minutes)

-HDD/SSD Duplication


-Laptop battery replacement (no easy access)

-Data transfer between drives

-Windows reimage

-Password reset (requires password reset form)

-Software installation ( 30 minutes)

-Up to 1 hour of personalized tech support

-Memory installation (internal access)

-HDD/SSD replacement (internal access)


-Adding internal wifi

-Data recovery

-Installing/upgrading Windows/MacOS

-Installing LCD screens (no glue, held in with screws)

-Repairing corrupt operating systems

-Tuning up and removing viruses

-Replacing BIOS batteries on laptops

-Replacing laptop keyboards (only for PCs)

-Replacing LCD inverters

Beyond Advanced

-Motherboard replacement

-LCD Screen install

-Apple screen replacement

-Complete refurbishment of a computer

-Trackpad replacement

-Power Jack replacement

-CPU Processor


-Apple Macbook keyboard replacement

Or if you need something more advanced...

Quality repairs at an affordable price

Computers bought at LFC come with a one-year hardware warranty. This warranty covers issues that have not been caused by the user. We will do our best to complete the repair within two weeks. Once the repair is completed, we will call the number you provided. All prices shown are for low-income individuals.

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