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We’re discouraged by the amount of technology that ends as E-waste, especially when we can easily refurbish those computers, giving them a second life by putting them into the hands of those who have little or no access to technology.

A pile of computers and monitors that are broken or smashed



Support our cause by donating money to LFC. Every dollar counts towards teaching technology to the community.

All payment methods of cash,
credit, and check is acceptable. We process online payments through PayPal for secure checkout.



Have an old computer you don’t use anymore?

Donate it to us!

Want to donate in bulk? Be sure to read below on the equipment we do and do not take, then call us or stop by our office!


We Will Gladly Take

  • Chromebooks

  • Macs 2015 or newer

  • PC’s running Windows 8 or newer

  • 1980s vintage computers or older​

  • Flat screen monitors

  • Hard drives (160+ GB)

  • Solid State Drives (SSDs)

  • Memory (RAM) – 4GB+

  • Speakers

  • Tablets

  • Printers


Sorry, We Don't Take

  • PC’s running Windows 7 or older

  • CRT monitors

  • Non-USB keyboards

  • Books/CDs

  • Bags full of cables

  • Routers

  • Modems

  • Non-computer electronics (Televisions, Radios, etc.)

  • Batteries

Enterprise Equipment​ Donations - Contact Us​!

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What Happens After You Donate?

  1. We completely erase every donated hard drive per Department of Defense standards.

  2. Hard Drives are immediately removed from donated computers, and secured or wiped.

  3. Computer are Refurbished and provided to a qualifying family.

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